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BinaryCounter - SAVE_LOAD (Dr. Virtualize Theme)

from Fighting Furies by A Bit of Chiptune

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This song was created using Reaper, various VST instruments and effects (Full plugin list below), an electric guitar and spliced SpeakNSpell recordings.

The goal i set myself for this song was to embody my characters traits in musical form.
The majority of this song uses a 9/4 time signature, giving the song a slightly wonky, "out of sequence" or "skipping" vibe.
This is meant to represent the experience someone would have, jumping between save states, constantly resetting, rewinding and reloading, trying to correct their mistakes.
I tried to further elaborate on this "glitch" theme by using noise samples, downsampling and bitcrushing effects and glitchy speech synth samples.
The speech samples themself ("SAVE", "LOAD", "RESET") are meant to show the repetitiveness of the characters actions, again, constantly resetting in agonizing perfectionism.

Towards the end of the track, the time signature switches to 4/4 and the track uses alot more heavy percussion and guitar.
This is meant to symbolize the desperation, frustration and rage that the character has to deal with, having to constantly backtrack and possibly fail countless times before getting a "desirable reality". The character knows that while they can rewind, injury and death is permanent, adding to the mental toll these abilities have on the character. The Synth lead also uses the opening melody from the Fighting Furies Main Theme as a leitmotif, establishing the character as part of the universe.

Full plugin list:

Ambient Reverb, Ample Guitar M II Lite, dblue Glitch, DC Filter (Reaper), Dexed, Leet Delay 2, MT-PowerDrumKit, PanCake 2, ReaComp (Reaper), ReaFir (Reaper), ReaPitch (Reaper), ReaTune (Reaper), Serum, SerumFX, TDR Nova, ToneDeluxe, Transpire, TX16Wx, W1 Limiter, Wider


androgynous body build, not muscular, not sporty, blond shoulder-long messy hair
clothing: lab coat (worn open), black t-shirt, blue jeans, green tinted glasses
appears slightly glitched while using abilities

Dr. Virtualize can bend reality at their will, treating every battle like a tool assisted speedrun. They can save, load, reset and rewind every mistake they make, finding the perfect strategy to defeat their opponent by sheer trial and error. This may seem like they are easily able to overtake any enemy, but watch out, injury and death is permanent, even through resets. This and their small physique ("why train when you can just cheat?") make them quite vulnerable to surprise attacks.

While they have mostly good intentions, they are known to abuse their power heavily, even outside battles...mostly to find that perfect spot to hit a soda machine so it drops a can.

They like apples... alot... for reasons unknown.


What is your OC fighting for?

They have sworn to protect their friends, after they couldn't save their best friend, even through resetting.... Well, at least that's the story they tell.



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